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Abstract wall art is a bold and effective way to brighten up the decor of your home. Abstract art uses a variety of techniques, colours, and shapes to create a distinct piece of modern art that lets the viewer interpret using their own imagination. Whether you're looking for an abstract piece of canvas art to bring all of the colours in your home or office together or an abstract print for your feature wall in your home. Printivart has got you covered.

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Abstract Prints

Incorporating abstract art into your home is a great way to liven up your space and your home décor. At Printivart, we embrace abstract prints and art that push traditional artistic boundaries. Our curated collection showcases a diverse range of abstract art prints that provides a refreshing variation from more traditional art forms, while bringing together all the elements of your space to create a cohesive feel.

Immerse yourself in our range of abstract canvas art and wall prints. From beautiful turquoise prints offer a unique interpretation of the ocean. To mood-setting abstract art which can set the tone for your entire space.

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For quality abstract art prints without the excessive price tag, browse our range of abstract art below. Our abstract prints are available Australia-wide in a range of different sizes and frames to help perfectly suit your home or office space. With FREE shipping also available Australia-wide, what are you waiting for? Shop now.

Abstract art, not your thing? We have a variety of canvas art prints available for purchase. From beach prints to nature and floral art and many more.

Where should I display abstract canvas wall art and prints?

Abstract wall art is very versatile and can be displayed nearly anywhere in the home or office! Abstract art opens up the mind to allow interpretation of the artworks meaning, and this can create captivating thought in any room.


Discover our amazing range of abstract prints that can be used to create a visual masterpiece in any space. From breathtaking designs to one-of-a kind pieces, you're sure to make an artistic impression!

Is your abstract canvas art made by professionals?

Yes, all our wall art is professionally made! We design and print our wall art locally in Australia, which is then carefully framed by skilled and professional framers.


We take pride in crafting every piece of wall art with quality workmanship, guaranteeing you the highest quality home decor!

Where can I buy abstract wall art?

With so many types of abstract wall art for sale, it's important to choose wisely. Look closely at the quality and craftsmanship before deciding which piece, so you can ensure it’s the perfect addition to your home!


All our wall art is professionally framed and printed, which guarantees against fading or warping, and promotes vibrant colours! We also have a large range of sizes, frame types and colours, which will allow you to perfectly match your abstract art to the decor in your room.

Do you have large abstract wall art?

You can transform any room with a stunning statement piece. Our extra large wall art is printed and professionally framed, showcasing beautiful colours and quality up to 180cm by 120cm in size. It is then delivered right to your door, ready to hang! Extra large canvas wall art will make your space stand out like never before.

What makes abstract canvas art popular?

With its limitless potential, abstract art has become a cornerstone in many artistic pursuits today. Its application allows for the freedom to express and represent thoughts and feelings without the need for realism or stagnation. Abstract art represents spirituality, materiality and psychological states, all being explorable through striking colours, shapes and lines.


Abstraction stands as an incredibly versatile genre that continues to evolve dramatically over time – no wonder why it is so widely admired!