About Us

About Us

How it all started

Our journey started in late 2016 when we were seeking art for our homes and this created one mission - to offer eye catching art at affordable prices for everyone and every home. Before we started this journey, the art available to us was either very expensive, or the image styles were not bold and did not appeal enough to our liking to purchase. We then began create our own artwork with the aim to print and frame these on canvas, and after framing and hanging our first canvas we decided to offer this great artwork to others.

There are some exceptional artists around the world who currently do not showcase their artwork. We have spent continual hours browsing and reviewing artwork of many sources and locations around the world as we only include the most appealing artwork images - that is appealing to our needs, which we hope is also yours!

Please browse through the artwork on our site and we hope you find something that catches your eye that would suit your home styles.

Supporting local artists

All canvas for sale on Printivart supports the artists. We aim to only provide the most eye catching and unique art and we work with artist to make their art available here.

Every item on our site has been created either by ourselves or by an artist who we have partnered with, and each sale that artist makes a profit to reward them for their hard work and to support their journey to create more high quality art.

Stunning product quality

The product quality which we found in our search for art for our home did not meet the quality we were expecting. Colour depth was not achieved and the framing quality did not look like the "stunning wall art" that we were looking for.

This is why we only provide the highest quality canvas prints with exceptional colour depth and quality. We have hand picked the best supplier materials which we believe is the best on the market.

Canvas are manufactured locally in Australia in both our Melbourne and Perth premises and we guarantee fast shipping times so that you don't need to wait long for your art!